What’s your online appraisal policy?

Online appraisals are completed by the customer supplying all requested information to us. A personal appraisal hard copy, signed and dated will be mailed upon in most cases, unless stated prior to release.

Because appraisals online are completed with the customers supplied info the more qualitative information received will substantiate any value. Since these appraisals are done without physically seeing and examining the items they can only be done for personal / entertainment purposes.

Requirements for Online Appraisials

  • reason for the appraisal – note if it is for professional use or you are unsure please contact us first. 
  • at least 4-5 high quality color photographs or more
  • providence information , past appraisal information
  • owner contact details – name address, phone, e-mail etc.
  • history of the item being appraised, cost and location of purchase
  • measurements, weight, damage, identifying marks overall condition of item.
  • All required information will need to be received by us within a certain time frame from initial request

Professional appraisal has its cost as there is a lot more documentation and diligence to meet standards required for professional, government, estate and insurance purposes. Please contact us with these requests and more detail.

Do you ship oversees and to P.O. boxes?

No currently we only ship to Canada and the United States. If other destinations required please contact us prior for price / availability quote. Basic personal appraisal document can be sent to other countries but receipt is not guaranteed. In these instances a signed and dated copy will be e-mailed to the customer.

Do you have customer service?

Of course! Please contact us for estimates or with any questions.

Do you have a physical storefront?

Currently we are home based to cut down on operating costs. We do have online sales presence located at  (please copy paste link in your web browser)