Appraisal Services

As a certified appraiser you can be assured that your assets and chattels are properly valuated for insurance, estate, separation / divorce and  other personal needs. We adhere to the highest standards within the appraisal industry. Honesty and integrity are important especially with your valuables. We are diligent to provide the highest knowledgeable and quantitative research methodology.

Onsite Estate Sales, Disposition Assistance

Let’s face it when you lose a loved one dealing with their estate and chattels can become a burdensome. We can help in setting up the sale of contents and chattels. Honesty plays an important role as we can advise you of any high valued items that might be better sold elsewhere to get the best monetary value. We aim to cut your costs as many auction services can nickle and dime you. I have personally seen estate auctions where it actually cost the sellers money.

Antique Procurement – Disposition

Antiques have many diverse benefits. Looking for something different to invest in or sell ?

Having worked for a major Canadian Financial Institution for over 11 years, I can help you diversify you portfolio and get you more bang for your buck.

Trusted Antiquity Appraisal Services

So many times people are taken advantage of and its disheartening.  With any business trust and ethics are very important but this even more so is true when dealing with your assets. Through extensive research, networking, providence, due diligence and honesty, we help protect these investments.

Value Is Important

Perceived value is sometimes not relevant to an items actual value monetarily.  Various institutions such as Revenue Canada Agency, your insurance company, lawyers and financial institutions have industry guidelines standardized for their appraisals. Its important you deal with a certified and well versed appraisal service that can meet the standard while protecting your personal interests. Inevitably this can save you time and money in supplying any requested valuation documentation of assets.

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